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Shirai International Patent Firm was founded by Kazuyuki Shirai in Nov. 11, 2008, for providing an easily understandable and friendly intellectual property service.

 We continued to provide the easily understandable and friendly intellectual property service by preparing easily understandable legal and technical documents which deal with a high-technology or technology regarding scientific reserch.

Technical Fields

Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology

  • Semiconductor device, Magnetci head, Solar cell, Broadcasting・Video appliance (Television, Dvd Recorder, etc), OA instrument (Copy machine, Printer, Facsimile, PC, etc) Computer software, Mobile communication

Mechanical Engineering and Materials

  • Steel processing, Vibration damper, Train, Automobile, etc.


"Specialize Patent and Utility Model"

 In fields of intellectual property, four fields, namely, Patent, Utilty Model, Design and Trade Mark exist.

 We have our strong point which we have plentiful business experiences in 17 years regarding Patent and Utilty Model.

 We provide an intellectual property service specialized Patent and Utility Model for making the best use of the our strong point.

"User Friendly"


 We think that it is very important that we support our client firmly with making use of our expert knowledge. Further, we think that it is very important that our firm is friendly so that our client are able to use the expert knowledge easily.

 We aim at “User Friendly Patent Firm” so that our client are able to use the expert knowledge easily.

"Attach great importance to easy understanding"

 A patent attorney who understands how to write a filing documents such as specification and drawings is able to write a filing documents. However if the patent attorney isn’t conscious that the filing document is made easy to understand, or if the patent attorney doesn’t acquire the means to make the filing document easy to understand, it can’t get the filing documents which is easy to understand for a client.

 We think that easy understanding is important value added, we always to try to make documents such as the filing document easy to understand.

"Multiple administration"

 We carry out a multiple administraton by a document administration using a book and a computer-system administraton using a client-server system for sucurely administration of important intellectual property of our client.


Kazuyuki Shirai registered 2000, No:11755

Cooperate Patent Firm

Yasuo Takubo registered 2003, No:12646 (part-time, president of Meister Patent Firm)

Access Map

address 130 Bldg. 5F, 2-1 Nihonbashikobunacho Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0024 JAPAN
contact TEL:+81-3-5614-0385 FAX:+81-3-5614-0386 URL

* 4 min walk from Mitsukoshimae Station on the Ginza Line or Hanzomon line (Exit No. A1)

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